Welcome to Overland Luggage Solutions

We are a brand new company derived from the passion of ‘Overland Travel’ primarily on two wheels but not dismissing four or even three if that’s how you ‘Roll’..!! 

 Our main focus will be on luggage components but as we progress there will be additional genres from the overall travel theme for customers to consider when either building or prepping their own bike.  

Some of our products are also aimed at the everyday biker who commutes to and from work and also the ‘Sports Tourer’ rider in search of alternative luggage arrangements. Like the Adventure Rider, these users will want the same high end quality product that’s in use day in day out and it is this premise that dictates the use of the toughest most durable base materials available.  

Starting off with a small range of products that have been tried and tested with very positive outcomes, we hope to expand and offer some very unique ‘travel oriented’ items in the future.  

The site isn't just for sales, it's aim is to be an interactive site where folk can log on and 'blog' away to there hearts content leaving valuble comments to other user's or pass on great constructive idea's..! Don't forget, if your needs are not met, let us know. We have access to all fabrication techniques and tooling, if you take a look at Our Project bike then you will get an idea of the possibilities that can be achieved.  

Thank you for visiting the OLS site.


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